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The English Program at SBAC was established in 1997, specializing in the field of Advanced Computerized Business Operations.


To foster academic excellence, instill moral and social values, enhance knowledge in building language proficiency and intercultural diversity.


Develop and empower English Program student' English language acquisition as successful and globally competitive individuals in their own chosen career.

Our Mission

-To offer high-quality Business Computer Program majors and integrate innovative teaching. relevant business services and academic communities.

-To provide state-of-the-art educational services and facilities that are centered around each student as an individual.

-To continuously research and explore new and innovative ideas, to equip our graduates with the skills needed to face the challenges of today's competitive business environments.

-To embrace art and culture to preserve the social and moral well-being of the students.


We provide a wide variety of facilities.


The English Program prepares students for university study in Thailand and abroad. The academically thorough program provides students with high-quality English language instruction and the academic and technical skills to succeed at SBAC English Program through the development of:

- English listening, speaking, reading and writin
- Standardized test preparation
- Academic study skill

SBAC's English Program

- Provides the training necessary to become qualified professionals in a variety of trades
- Prepares graduates for direct entry into the workforce
- Provides students with a broader academic foundation, focusing on the principles of the field of study.
- Is career focused, emphasizing occupational-specific skill development.
- Concentrates academic and practical experience toward a specific career path, occupation or industry.


The English program allows students to tailor their program to suit their personal, professional and academic goals. Students will be able to:

- Improve general language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing
- Build a strong business and IT-centered vocabulary.
- Expand career prospects by improving English language proficiency
- Develop conversation skills for real-world situations such as greetings, initiating conversations, turn-taking, politely interrupting and asking for information
- Read and understand schedules, signs, ads and other authentic materials
- Interact with native English speakers fluently.
- Work in a trade, a craft, as a skilled worker, or in professional support roles such as engineering, accountancy, architecture, law or further studies.