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Beyond boundaries with Language
A hub for learning English Ianguage, designed in a clear-cut competency for the 21st century by mastering the edge of new opportunities in English language education and career development.
Gain possible skills in English for real life application.
Access to new trends and requirements for continuing education local and abroad.
Secure a lifetime learning English as your passport for greater opportunities in business management and career.
Stand-out in job in both occupational requirements and interview process
To be a leader in business as competitive entrepreneur through language and computer technology in the import and export industry.

English Practical Expert
-Micro and Macro Business Communication Skills
-Skilled and Competitive Communicator
-English Test/ Assessment Skill


The Mastery of Language
-Corporate and Business Transaction Skills
-First rate speaking, writing, reading and listening skills
-Guaranteed Language proficiency certification
-Enable students for Post graduates studies both local and abroad
-On the Job Training both local and abroad
-International affliates/ students exchange program

English Content Writer
English/Chinese to Thai Translators and vice versa
Customer Service Representatives
Teacher/ Lecturer/ Instructor/ Trainer
Business/ Office Bookkeeper
Financial and Data Analyst
Research and Consultancy
Account Executives
Program and Events coordinator
International School Admission