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Excellence in global English for the new millennial


Foreign Language Department is dedicated in providing excellent quality of education and language proficiency for the future competitive and equipped professionals.


We are committed to mold our students to be globally competitive and be ready to face the challenges of this world.
Future Jobs
Conference Multi - lingual translator
Court transcriber
Office Secretary
Language Specialist
Office Receptionist
Hotel clerk
Sales consultant
Freelance writer
Marketing associate
English Speaking business development executive
*English Speaking business development executive
Personal Assistant
Cabin crew (Sea Cruise)
Manpower Recruiter
What we teach?
1. The ability to comprehend in English instruction for verbal, written, communication.
2. Provide balance skills in linguistics by integrating a responsive and dynamic methodology embracing the millennial era.
3. To conform to standard in the delivery of quality customer service using the English language
4. Using topmost business English discipline.